How to Shut Your Leaking Water Heater Off

If your hot water heater is leaking, you could have a huge mess on your hands.  Unfortunately, losing all of that hot water means you are also losing money. The good news is that you can shut it off yourself so that you do not have to let it keep leaking while you wait for a professional plumber.  Here’s how:

First, locate the supply water.  The supply will come in to the tank through a tube on the cold water side of the tank.  After you have found it you should proceed to turn it off by turning a knob clockwise or turning the valve perpendicular to the pipe.

Second, if you know where it is, shut the gas off.  If you are unsure where the gas is, try checking your tank manual or give Flame a call for help.

Third, connect a hose to the drain valve on the bottom.  This will allow you to direct the flow of water to a drain to lessen the mess.

A good safety measure is to invest in a water alarm that will immediate alert you of any leaks.  Questions?  Contact Flame!




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