Sign Up for the Flame Gold Plan this Spring

Christmas is long gone, Valentine’s Day has passed, and Presidents’ Week is over.  This means that you can start looking ahead to spring- even if it doesn’t actually look like spring outside yet.  When it comes to getting ready for warmer weather, one of the first things on your to-do list should be to schedule an air conditioner inspection.  That’s why, now is perfect time to be thinking about the Flame Gold Plan.

The Gold Plan is Flame’s maintenance plan, and an annual furnace or air conditioner inspection is included in it.  In fact, often, Gold Plan members will get a reminder call to schedule that inspection so you can cross at least one thing off of your list.  Gold Plan members also…

  • have a reduced diagnostic fee on service calls.
  • receive discounts on parts and labor.

Signing up now ensures that your air conditioner will get the inspection it needs this spring, and that you do not have to worry when the temperatures begin blazing in June and July- Flame will have your back.  Gold Plan members even have priority on emergency calls.  If you don’t want to put winter behind you just yet, don’t worry, the Gold Plan can also be applied to furnaces.

If you would like to learn more about the Gold Plan, contact Flame!

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