Size Does Matter: The Importance of Sizing Furnaces and Air Conditioners

A furnace is a furnace, right?  The answer to that is no.  It may surprise you to know that a heating and cooling unit must be properly sized to fit your home!  The good news?  Most of the time you do not have to figure out these calculations yourself.  Companies such as Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical have trained Comfort Consultants who know exactly how to figure out what kind of unit you need for your home!

You may be wondering exactly why this is so important.  The “healthiness” and efficiency of your furnace or air conditioner depend upon it!  A unit that is too small cannot supply enough air to fill your home, which reduces its efficiency and it also causes the unit to wear more quickly.  A furnace or air conditioner that is too large may not seem like it has any cons but if it is too big, it will cycle on and off  more frequently due to the fact that it has so much power it does not need to be constantly running, but cycling on and off often will also wear it down.  Also, too big units can be noisy.

Therefore, when in doubt when looking into a new furnace or air conditioner-feel free to ask your Comfort Consultant about its size, because size does matter!  Contact Flame with any questions and check out what Energy Star has to say on this matter!

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