Snow Can Cause Problems with High Efficiency Furnace

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Starting tomorrow we may be able to truly say, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” The weather forecast is showing 1-2 inches of snow coming to metro Detroit this weekend, and suddenly it will seem much more festive to listen to songs such as “Frosty the Snowman” and “Let it Snow.”  Snow brings with it more than just a festive atmosphere, however.  Snow means scraping and shoveling, and if you have a high efficiency furnace, you need to be careful about where that snow ends up.

High efficiency furnaces (90% AFUE or above) have intake and exhaust pipes that are located on the side of the home, fairly low to the ground.  These PVC pipes can become blocked by snow, which would cause the furnace to malfunction.  Therefore, after a snowfall, it is important to check these pipes and clear away any snow. Unsure of whether or not you have a high efficiency furnace?  A heating and cooling company, such as Flame, can help.

Though initial snowfall can block the pipes, you need to be careful when shoveling or snow blowing as well. You don’t want to inadvertently block the intake and exhaust pipes yourselves.  If you use a snow removal company, don’t forget to make them aware of this.

If, after a snowfall, your furnace stops working, check out these intake and exhaust pipes before calling a professional.  It may be a simple snow problem you can fix easily.

Take a moment to try and locate these pipes now, if you never have before, so you are ready to go when the snow falls.  Having trouble finding them?  Contact a professional heating and cooling company to help.

Remember, we are only at the beginning of the snowy cold winter season.  You will want your furnace to be running its best shape for months to come.  For more information about taking care of your furnace, or what to do if it stops working, contact Flame!


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