Snow Could Be a Culprit for Furnace that Does not Work!

Lately there has been quite a bit of snow in this area of Michigan.  This of course means that you definitely do not want your furnace to not work.  If that unfortunate circumstance occurs you may want to look to the beautiful snow as the reason for this.

Why?  Because if you have a 90% Energy Efficient Furnace or above you may have snow blocking the pipes used for intake and outtake of air!  These pipes are white PVC pipes that could be located on the side of your home.  If there is snow blocking the air then your furnace will not work.  Try cleaning out the pipe and see if you furnace starts working again, if it doesn’t-call Flame!

When shoveling or snow blowing after a big snow fall be sure to not accidentally cover the pipes!  Contact Flame if you have any questions about this or anything else!  Enjoy these snowy days.

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