Spare Room like Cold Storage?

With the holidays fast approaching, and friends and family planning overnight visits, are you frustrated that your spare room seems more like a cold storage area than a bedroom?

There are lots of reasons why a room or area in your house is cold. Your existing heating system, either boiler or forced air furnace could be sized improperly or its ductwork or piping inadequate for your home. Bottom line though, modifications on your existing heating system are often the best and most economical solutions to the “cold storage” issue.

The existing heating system modification options include:

For a furnace system, increasing the number of warm air and cold air ducts may be necessary. Making sure that these ducts are properly located to heat the room is also vital. Enough ductwork properly located ensures good airflow and is crucial to heat production.

For a steam system, more radiation may be required. This means adding more piping to a radiator. These pipes will be exposed in your room or they can be installed under cabinets and equipped with small radiation vents and blowers.

For a hot water or hydronic system, you have two options. The quickest method is to simply add base boards along the walls. The second method is to heat the floor under the carpet or tile or from the basement. Heating the floor offers the most even heat and is virtually invisible. You can also set up a separate zone with its own thermostat.

What should you do if the existing heating system does not have the capacity for heating that spare room properly? In this case, you may need to install a small separate furnace or boiler. Concerned about the cost? Don’t worry. With the added furnace or boiler, you get some terrific perks, like heat in the garage so you end up with an alternate work area or a warm car in the morning. You may even find that the operating cost is the same with the additional furnace or boiler as you will not be “overheating” other areas of the house to get some heat to that spare room.

Depending on the size and layout of your home and your existing heating system, Flame’s comfort consultants can quickly evaluate and recommend the right options to heat these cold areas of your home. Want more information? Looking for a free consultation? Call us at Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical toll free at 1-888-234-2340
or visit our website @ www.ffold.awcsite.info.

Most importantly, follow the Furnace Doctor’s advice…these tips can help turn your “cold storage” area to a comfortable living area…just in time for the holidays and your overnight guests!

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