Stay Cool Kids… (4 Ways to Lower the A/C Bill)

Were you sweating yesterday? I was.  It is HOT and it was only Memorial Day Weekend.  This has the makings of a very hot summer.  Unfortunately, hot summers can mean expensive summers due to cooling bills.  I am guessing that you would probably prefer to spend your money on going to the pool or on vacation rather than on cooling your home, which is why Flame is offering this list of ideas about lowering your cooling costs.

Programmable Thermostat

The simplest way to save money on air conditioning is to not use it, right?  Well sometimes that it is hard to do when it feels like 100 degrees out, especially with the health problems associated with high temperatures.  The programmable thermostat is the next best thing.  The programmable thermostat will turn up the temperature in the home when it is empty or when cool air is less necessary.  For example, the thermostat could be set to cool the most in the mornings and in the late afternoons.  That way when everyone in the home is at school, work or sleeping precious air conditioned air is not wasted.  This is a simply a suggestion, and the thermostat can be set in a variety of ways.  The programmable thermostat is great because it eliminates the possibility of forgetting to turn off or turn down the air conditioning, it just does it right for you!


“Let’s name the zones, the zones, the zones….”  Ever see Finding Nemo and hear that song? Well heating/cooling zoning is a little different.  As its name implies, zoning allows greater personalization of the heating and cooling of a home.  Certain areas or zones in the home that are not used, can be ‘cut off’ from the heating and cooling of the house or ‘added back on’ whenever you need or do not need it.


As with most things, efficiency helps save money.  If a company runs efficiently they will not be wasting as much money, if a car runs efficiently less gas will be needed and if an air conditioner runs efficiently that will save energy.  There are two ways to ensure air conditioning efficiency:  new equipment and inspection.  New equipment can be pricey, there is no way around that, however, it will save you money in the long run.  The more efficient a furnace/air conditioner are, the less waste they will have.  More modern technology is typically more efficient than older units.  Whether or not you have new energy efficient equipment, inspections are still helpful.  These will help to make sure that your unit is running at its best and is not losing you money.

Windows, Doors and More

This may seem obvious, but this is a very simple way to save money this summer.  When the air conditioning is running… keep doors and windows closed. At my house, we are not even allowed to crack open a window, in fact, I do not think our windows even do open.  This is especially important to remember if you have a large party for graduations or 4th of July.  Ask your guests to always close the door behind them.  In addition, when possible, cook outside!  Use that grill while the weather is nice.  The food will taste great and the heat from the oven will not heat up the kitchen and the house.

Well best of luck and do not forget to contact Flame if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.  Remember to stay cool!

Most of this information was found from the blog of ASI Hastings Heating and Air Conditioning in San Diego, CA.

-Lyrics for Finding Nemo, “Let’s Name the Zones”

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