Tips for Staying Safe in Hot Weather

The weather forecast is calling for some very hot weather in metro Detroit next week.  At Flame, we know that being cool isn’t just about being comfortable, being cool is also about being safe.  Exposure to high temperatures, especially for long periods of time can lead to serious heat related illnesses.

According to WebMD, if you have the following symptoms from high temperatures, it is important call 911:

During hot days, do your best to keep hydrated and stay in cool, air conditioned spaces in order to stay healthy.

Want some other tips for surviving the heat?  Close the blinds and shades in your home, hang out in the basement, take a cool shower or jump in the lake or pool, and drink icy drinks.

If your air conditioner stops working, do not hesitate to contact Flame as soon as possible.  Our goal is to keep you and your families cool, safe, and comfortable this summer.

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