Staying Warm in October!

It seems as if Fall really caught us out of the blue!  I have been sleeping in socks (though I usually dislike doing that) and sweatshirts!  If you are trying to save some money by not turning on your furnace until November-here are some things you can do to last until then:

  • Have your furnace inspected!  We tried to turn our furnace on last week and found that it did not turn on-you do not want to find that out November 1, when it is even colder!
  • Fuzzy socks!  These can be very comfortable and are great for walking around the house if you do not like slippers, and they keep your feet toasty while you are sleeping.
  • Warm Apple Cider-it is October, let’s get into the fall spirit!  Drink some warm apple cider and it should warm your insides right up!
  • Keep curtains and blinds open during the day to let in sun which will warm up your home naturally
  • Make sure the Chimney Flue is closed!  If the floo is open (which we often accidentally leave open in my house), that lets in those chilly drafts that no one wants.
  • Get moving-get Apple Ciderout of the house and get your heart rate up.  You can go for a nice fall walk or go pick some apples at the Orchard.

Hopefully the temperature does not get much cooler than it is now until you turn your furnace on-but you can never know when you live in Michigan.  When you do turn you furnace on-make sure to contact Flame if you have any problems!

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