Storm Time in Michigan Means Generator Time in Michigan

This weather has been awful.  Absolutely dreadful.  Snow in late April and cold temperatures that keep on coming.  What do we have now?  A Tornado watch.  Severe storms in Detroit, tomorrow, April 27.  We cannot seem to catch a break, though I suppose we should be lucky that in Michigan the most of our worries is unpredictable, bizarre weather.  Anyways, we are approaching storm season and it would be very inconvenient if you were caught with the lights out.

Heavy storms and tornadoes can mean power outages and power outages mean:

  • Un-set alarm clocks so you may be late to school or work
  • Loss of cold air in the refrigerator or freezer which can lead to rotten or spoiled food
  • Loss of data or work on a computer if you did not save
  • An automatic garage door that will not open
  • Flooded basement due to heavy storms and sump pumps that stop working
  • No television (I suppose this is not the most dire, but many people are very particular about keeping up with their shows).

Power outages, especially long lasting ones can have some very serious and expensive consequences.  One of the ways to alleviate or prevent these problems is through the use of a generator.  There are  two main types of generators possible:  portable or automatic stand-by generators.  Portable generators are less expensive though they involve much more manual labor on the part of the home owner since he/she will have to pull out the portable generator and plug it in in the instance of a storm.  Flame offers automatic standby generators.


As its name suggests, an automatic standby generator starts up automatically when the power goes out.  This is much less hassle for you, especially if you are out of town during a long stretch of power outage (no one wants to come home to a smelly refrigerator).  If you are interested in an automatic standby generator or a generator maintenance plan, feel free to contact Flame!

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