The Best Time for E3 is Now!

Energy efficiency is a hot topic these days, especially with the gas prices that are starting to creep up on us again.  During these cold months it is hard to save money, so Flame has another way to help you save both money and energy.

   An Energy Efficiency Evaluation (E3), consists of a trained technician using special tests to determine where there are energy leaks from your heating and cooling system.  The average home can lose 25-40 percent of the energy used by the furnace or air conditioner due to cracks or leaks in duct systems, garages, windows or attics.  E3 can help find your problem spots and develop an idea for how to fix or change them, and it is your best choice.

Not only is saving energy a good reason to get E3 right now, but as of now, Flame is offering a $100 off an introductory E3 evaluation. Call Flame for more details about how to have your home save the most energy it can.

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