The Best Time to Purchase a Generator is Now!

4th of July weekend is supposed to be sunny and filled with fireworks, ice cream, and parades.  However, according to Weather.com (the website of The Weather Channel) storms and showers are going to be hitting the Midwestern and Northeastern areas of the country.  A power outage from one of these storms could really affect your Independence Day fun.

The best time to buy a back up generator is now, before the weather keeps  knocking out your power.  It is summer in Michigan, which means that storm season is in full swing.  The large storms that went through the state in early June knocked out the power of over 730,000 utility customers in Southeastern Michigan according to the Detroit News and it took around a week for DTE to turn this power back on.

The Byrant Automatic Standby Power Generator restores power to your home after it is knocked out quickly and automatically.  This is not only comfortable and convenient for you, it can keep your company in business and earning money when the loss of power would have also meant a loss of earnings.

When deciding whether or not to invest in a generator, keep in mind that summer is not the only time when the power can go out-ice and snow storms can bring down power lines just as easy and having no heat is never comfortable.  And since it is estimated that around 3.5 million Americans lose electicity every week, the time to invest in a back up generator is now-before any problems can happen and ruin your 4th of July or any other day.

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