The Cost of Power Outages

Sometimes when the power goes out you may think it is not a big deal. You think, “it will only be out for a little while, I can just light candles or sit outside, it will actually be relaxing.”  However, what happens when the power is out for a couple days?  Not just in your home but at your business.  If that  happens, a power outage is no longer relaxing, it is costly.

Possible residential money losses are:  spoiled food due to refrigerator not running,  basement flooding because sump pump is not working. water purification systems may fail which increases the need to purchase bottled water.

Possible Cost:

Spoiled Food: An average grocery shopping trip can cost up to $400 so it is possible to lose around $200 on spoiled refrigerated/frozen food

Flooded Basement:  Depends on the valuables/furniture/TV that get ruined in the flood. Loss of furnace, washer, dryer, furniture and TV could be around $3,000.  Cleaning and drying the basement can cost even more.  Even if you do it yourself it may still be necessary to rent a shop vacuum or a portable sump pump.

Bottled Water:  A 24 pack can cost around $7

As you can see, losing your power for 48 hours or more can cost you up to $5,000 just in your home! (depending on different circumstances.)  One way to prevent this is by investing in an automatic standby generator.  The generator can sense when the power has gone out and automatically swtiches your home to generator power.  You would not have to worry about making sure that your food is cold in the refrigerator or hoping it does not rain becase your sump pump isn’t working.  The generator would take care of all that for you.

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