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As you may know the Flame Furnace website offers your information about services and the company, monthly deals and sales on products and services as well as the blogs.  It can sometimes be difficult to remember to always check the Flame website.  Especially if you are not actually in the market for a new furnace or air conditioner. 

Consider subscribing to the Flame Newsletter.  It comes in e-mail form and often contains a letter from the president, some tips from the blog, and new or monthly sales and deals.  For example this newsletter contained a notice for a furnace inspection for $99.50.  That is only about $100 to make sure that your furnace is working properly and to help it not break while you really need it in the dead of winter.  

If you got the newsletter-you may have known about this deal! Also, the blogs can give you interesting tips on different products, services and how to save energy and money.  The Newsletter will showcase a recent blog that may be of use to you.  To subscribe to the Flame Newsletter simply e-mail [email protected]  Or, at www.ffold.awcsite.info you will see a place to sign up for the newsletter at the top of the website.  It is in small print so be on the look out!

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