The Flame Story

Flame Furnace Company has been around for over 50 years and owned by the same people. Have you ever wondered how it all began?  Robert Marowske decided to start a heating company in 1949 without ever even attending college.  Business was slow at first and so he sold Christmas trees on the side to help make ends meet.  However, he soon was able to turn Flame into a leading heating and cooling company.His son, Gary, is the current president of the company.

Gary has been working at Flame for most of his life-he started washing the trucks while he was still in high school.  As a kid, he was made to change in the garage when he came home because his mother thought his clothes were too dirty from washing trucks and working in the warehouse to be let inside.  Flame Furnace has grown from just a small heating and cooling company to one of the largest in Southeastern Michigan.

When thinking about choosing a company, remember that Flame has been a family company for over 60 years and it has maintained the same high quality for that amount of time! So Contact Flame with all of your HVAC needs!

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