The Importance of Changing your Filters

Health is always “in style.”  The basics of being healthy include eating right, excercizing, having regular check-ups at the doctor, and plenty of rest.  There are some other little things that can be done to promote physical health also. For example, your furnace filters can affect your health.  

The filters help trap particles that could contaminate your household air which makes the air you breathe cleaner.  However, the trapped dust and bits can build up on the filter and clog it.A clogged filter means that there is less space for the air from your furnace to get through to the rest of your home and so your furnace is working harder to get out the same amount of air that it produced with a cleaner filter.  This wastes both money and energy.  

Also it is possible that a clogged will not be as effective at keeping your air pure as clean filter.  The good news is that cleaning or changing your filter is fairly simple and you can do it yourself at home.  You can buy filters at your local hardware store and they range in price depending on the type of filter.It is recommended that you check your filter at least once a month and change it if it is dirty.  

Though you will be spending money on filters, they can sometimes be bought in packs of 4 or more and you will be saving money in the long run.  Changing your furnace filter can help save money, energy and help to keep your household air clean.

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