The Pros and Cons of Opening Your Windows in Spring

The Pros and Cons of Opening Your Windows This Spring

In Michigan, when the temperature creeps past 40 degrees, we all want to throw open our windows, sing, and run, a la Maria in the Sound of Music.  Right?

Even if you aren’t quite ready to start belting,”the hills are alive with the sound of music,” I think we are all tempted to gulp in as much of the beautiful spring weather as possible in April and May.

So, let’s scoot back to those windows.  Should we open them wide come spring?  Or should they stay sealed shut?  As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to opening your windows.  We are going to list a few of them here so you can make the decision yourself.

Pros of Opening Your Windows


Mmmm Fresh air

A winter spent inside–especially if your home has seen sickness–can give you the heebie jeebies, even if you have a wonderful air purifier and filter.  Spending time in fresh air is good for your energy level and for your immune system.

That Spring-y Smell

The smell of spring flowers can’t compare to any air freshener or candle.  Opening the windows can help to fill your home with that wonderful scent.


Sunlight provides us with Vitamin D and it can help with depression.

Cons of Opening Your Windows

Can be tough on HVAC system

There’s quite a bit of science and thought that goes in to choosing the correct HVAC system for your home and the load of heating or cooling it.  Opening the windows while your furnace or air conditioner is running alters that load–especially if it is considerably hot or cold outside, which makes the furnace or air conditioner need to work harder.

If you choose to open your windows, turn the air conditioner or furnace off before you do so.  This way, opening the windows won’t disrupt anything, and it can also save you some money.  However, as Maytag points out, “…be careful, turning your air conditioner on and off can drive up utilities, if done too often.”

Open windows let in allergens

If you have allergies, you definitely want to reconsider opening the windows, no matter how tempting it is.  Open windows can let those pesky allergens like pollen come into your home, which will make you miserable.

What do you think?  Are you team open windows or team closed?  For more information about keeping your home comfortable this spring, contact us at Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical!

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