The Weather Channel gives Great Advice for your Home in October

October.  The month of crisp air, changing leaves and spooky things.  October can be busy for your home as it gets decorates with corn stalks and hay bales.  Scare crows and grave yards.  However, there’s more that you should keep in mind with your home.  On their website, The Weather Channel, has a whole section about October Maintenance:

  1. Detach hoses in case of freezing temperatures. Remove all paints, caulks and liquid materials from garage or garden sheds.
  2. Inspect weatherstripping around doors and windows and repair or replace if necessary. Learn more about caulking and weatherstripping.
  3. Set thermostats and automatic sprinklers for winter. Clean gutters after leaves have fallen. Make sure downspouts are in good repair.
  4. Check gauges on home fire extinguishers to ensure a full charge. Replace if necessary.

This information is taken directly from The Weather Channel website, so check it out if you want some more helpful information!  (Though setting thermostats and looking at weather stripping is very important, still don’t forget to deck out your front porch with carved pumpkins!)  If you have any questions about Fall heating and cooling needs, contact Flame!

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