The Weather Channel Suggests A/C Filters as Important Purchase for Spring

The Weather Channel has recently posted an article, “11 Things Your Home Needs for Spring.”  On that list are objects that range from outdoor lighting to cleaning supplies to gardening needs.  But that isn’t all, filters for the air conditioner also made the list.

Having a clean filter in your air conditioner is necessary for 2 reasons:

  1. It increases the efficiency of the air conditioner-it is much more difficult and takes much more effort for an air conditioner to push air through a dirty filter than a clean one.  This leads to the air conditioner working unnecessarily hard and wasting energy.  It could also lead to more problems with the air conditioner and a shorter lifespan.
  2. It makes the air in your home cleaner and easier to breathe-air filters block things like dust and other irritants from entering back into your home’s air, making it much easier and nicer to take a deep breath.  Depending on the quality of the filter, mold and viruses can also be blocked.

Filters may not be as fun to buy as flowers this spring, but they are still an important purchase.  They should be changed or cleaned every 1-3 depending which type you have in your home.  Fo more information about filters, contact Flame!  Check out the entire article, 11 Things Your Home Needs for Spring, for more information as well.

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