There's an App for That. Really. The New Bryant Evolution CONNEX

Remember when I recently wrote about wireless thermostats?  Well, it has recently come to my attention that there is something even cooler out there.  The Bryant CONNEX with its Evolution System.  This system contains a touch screen thermostat that can be set to fully compliment your family’s and home’s needs.  It takes into account your personal comfort preferences as well as the outside temperature and current state of the house in order to maximize its energy efficiency.

Additionally, this product can be connected to your smartphone via a MyEvolution App from Bryant.  Who would have ever thought you would be able to be in constant communication with your heating and cooling system?  I would not have! This could be very convenient.  For example, if traditionally in the winter your home is set to be cooler during the daytime when the house is empty and you get home early from work, you do not want to come home to a freezing cold house.  From your smartphone, you could change the setting for that day so that your home is toasty warm as soon as you walk in. Furthermore, the thermostat contains attractive features such as the fact that it can be programmed to display a photo of your choice instead of the traditional temperature settings.

Currently, Flame, Bryant and your local utility company could be offering up to $1,860 in rebates for the installation of a Bryant Evolution System with WiFi CONNEX capabilities.  Interesting in learning more?  Contact Flame or check out the Bryant MyEvolution site.  Bonus- You can even play around with it online first to see if you like it.

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