Thermal Imaging

Along with a blower door, Flame E3 specialists use thermal imaging to determine the energy wasting areas of a home.

Thermal images, or infrared pictures, capture the surface temperature of items and display them as light or dark colors.  In this case dark colors signify cold temperatures and light colors mean warmer temperatures. Notice the dark colors on Teddy’s nose above, this indicates his cool nose compared to his otherwise warm body.

Being able to see cold spots with the infrared camera reaffirms what E3 specialist can already feel with their hands or observe with theatrical smoke.  Cold air could be felt leaking out of the register above, but it was only with the help of thermal imaging that the large impact of the leak could be fully understood.

Most importantly infrared cameras help E3 technicians uncover problems they could not otherwise reach.  The picture above is the ceiling of a large two story foyer.  The cool studs can be as well as another oddly shaped cold area.  Upon inspection in the attic the E3 specialist found missing insulation directly above the cold spot.

In combination with the blower door, smoke, thermal imaging, and other tools an E3 professional can discover hidden problems around your home.  These issues may have been costing you comfort and money for years without your knowledge!

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