Think Flame, Think Red Wings

If you live in the Metro-Detroit area, most likely you like hockey.  More specifically, you like the Red Wings.  Why else would we be called Hockeytown?  Your local heating and cooling company, Flame, also shares that same passion for the Wings.  When watching a Red Wings game on television, look out for Flame’s Hot Hand of the Game.  Some of the more recent “hot hands” include, Henrik Zetterberg and Valterri Filppula.

Who will win the 2009 Stanley Cup?


When you think Red Wings…think Flame (though it’s understandable if the game gets really close at the end, and you do not have room in your brain for Flame).  If you have become a Flame “Hot Hand,” do not forget to call in and receive your prize!

Contact Flame for more Info and also check out some of the Red Wings tickets deals (Saturday February 26, as low as $9 tickets for home games, if you buy them at the Joe)

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