Time to Schedule Your Air Conditioning Inspection (…and it's on sale!)

It is almost summer (thank goodness!) And that means no school, days at the pool and also air conditioning. Though it may not seem possible right now, the day will come when the temperatures are in the high 80”s or even the 90’s and you will really want that nice cool breeze blowing on you inside your home.  Uh oh…what if you go to turn your unit on during that sweltering day it does not work?  What a disappointment!

That is why Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical is offering a special on air conditioner inspections right now for only $99.50!  You should get your air conditioner inspected around once a year and it is good to get it checked out right before it is being used to see if there are any problems.  So if you want your air conditioner to work when you need it, schedule an air conditioner inspection today!

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