Too Dry? Too Moist? Make your Home Just Right!

Just like how Goldilocks first had to sit in a chair that was too big and a chair that was too small until she found one that was just right, sometimes your home can feel like it never has the right amount of moisture during the winter!  When your home is dry you use a humidifier but sometimes that makes your home too moist. Here are some ways that you can tell if there is too much moisture: if there is mold on your ceiling, frequent condensation on your window or musty odors in your home.

 Why are these problems occurring during the winter?  Because since many homes are sealed so tightly, it traps in moisture and the cooler windows and ceiling can make it more apparent.  Try to keep your home between 35-50% humidity.  Here are some quick easy ways to lower humidity in your home:

  •  You want to lower the amount of water in your home as much as possible so cover pots when cooking when you can to prevent the moisture from escaping
  • Also, try not to hang up your damp clothes inside
  • Check for leaky plumbing or roofing

Another good idea is a humidifier that is built right in so that it uses your ducts to deliver humidified air.  Often these come with a humidistat that allows you to control the amount of moisture in your home with the click of the button.  These are also fairly quiet, and will not take up space in your home.  You do not have to worry about your humidifier not matching your decor. 

Feel free to comment or call Flame about any other question dealing with humidifiers.  Somebody can help you make your home have the right amount of moisture, just how Goldilocks found the right chair!

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