Turn Off the Water While Brushing!

Many dentists say that we should brush our teeth for at least two minutes, if not longer, in order to get our teeth as clean as we need them to be.  In the plumbing world this is a problem if we don’t turn off the water while we are brushing our teeth.  Two minutes might not seem like a long time for the water to be running, but you can waste from FIVE to EIGHT GALLONS (possibly even more depending on your faucet) of water during that time.  Now, if this happened twice a day, everyday for a month?  You could waste around 300 to almost 500 gallons just from keeping the water running while brushing your teeth.  Now imagine this with a family of four or more….

It is still important to practice good dental hygiene, but make sure you turn off that tap while you brush!  Another fact you might not have known?  Some dentists recommend brushing with your non dominant hand to decrease the amount of pressure on your teeth and gums.

For my dentistry information, check out this article where I received some information, “How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth For?”  If you are interested in learning more water saving facts and tips, take a look at this source, “Water Conservation Tips.”  As always, if you would like to hear more about plumbing and energy efficiency, especially in regard to your own home, do not hesitate to contact Flame!

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