Variable Speed Blower

Something to consider when upgrading your furnace gain an understading of the benefits of variable speed blowers.  Here at Flame Furnace we have been able to better serve our customers by helping them realize the differences between variable speed blowers and their standard single speed blower. 

The beauty of the variable speed is that it operates at a wider range of RPM than a standard blower, therefore, it helps to eliminate any hot and cold spots in the home.  In the winter time your heat will naturally rise to the 2nd floor, and the variable speed blower will make sure to get warm air to the extremities of the home.  In the summer time, the variable speed blower will force the cold air to the 2nd floor, while being very inexpensive to run.

Additional benefits of the variable speed blower:

  • The variable speed blower dehumidifies the home the best in the summer. VThe Bryant variable speed pulls out more humidity than any other blower on the market.
  • The variable speed blower actually increases the efficiency of any air cleaner installed by allowing the air cleaner to collect more air particles when the blower is operating at lower speeds.
  • The variable speed blower is very inexpensive to operate, therefore, saving you money over the standard blower.
  • The variable speed blower has a “smart” motor, which varies it’s speed based on  how much heat the thermostat is calling for.

The variable speed blower will also increase the efficiency of ylour furnace.  The variable speed can boost your 90% furnace up to a 96% efficiency. 

Flame Furnace will offer extended warranties if you invest in the variable speed system, and you are also able to get higher rebates with Bryant and the IRS.

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