Water water everywhere…. How Water Alarms can help with flooding

Many remember Hurricane Katrina and the disastrous floods that it created in New Orleans.  Thankfully, being in Michigan, most of us do not have to worry about flooding on that level.  However, our homes can still flood due to those Summer storms that we are beginning to have.

If you have ever had a flood in your basement, you know how much damage it can cause and how expensive that can be!  Often basements have televisions and furniture that can be harmed as well as items that are being stored.  This can create a mess both literally and financially!  Having a water alarm installed can help to prevent this problem.  These alarms are located near the sump pump or hot water heater and will go off (making a sound) to make you aware of water in your home.

Water alarms can detect both big and small leaks so that you can hopefully fix a problem before it gets out of hand.  If you have a basement that is prone to flooding, this is probably a good idea for you!  You can call Flame for more details about this water alarm, or feel free to leave a comment with your question!

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