Ways that Flame Keeps Your Air Clean

Who likes to breathe dusty air?  Probably no one.  That is why Flame offers different services and products to help keep your air clean!

  1. Duct Cleaning!-Your home’s air ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years or so. If you have recently moved into a brand new home, you may want to do it more often.  Flame offers trained technicians to do this process, and it will help to keep your ducts free of dirt or anything else that you do not want in there.
  2. UV Germicidal Light-These ultra violet lights can be combined with filters.  While filters work to block particles from entering your living areas, a germicial light actually kills bacteria and mold spores.  Another advantage is that the light is extremely quiet so you won’t even hear it while it is keeping your home clean!
  3. Change your Filters-Change your filter about once a month to help keep your air cleaner and bills lower!

If you’re worried about your home’s air, feel free to ask about any of these things that will help to make your air cleaner and your home a better place to be!

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