What is an "Infiltrometer Blower-Door" Test?

The Infiltrometer Blower-Door was originally developed by U.S. Department of Energy scientists at Princeton University to measure the airtightness of buildings.  The door is made up of a high powered fan and a series of panels that temporarily seal the home.  The fan is connected to computerized controls and specialized computer software.

The fan blows air out of the house causing a pressure difference between the home and the outside atmosphere.  The pressure difference (in this case a negative pressure) forces outside air into the home from all available holes and penetrations.  In other words, the home is trying to replace the lost air from the fan blowing out by sucking air in through any opening it can find.

By calculating the air flow through the fan and the air pressure of the building the infiltrometer can determine the amount air entering and leaving the home through the building envelope.  And because the blower door is forcing air through the home problem leaks are easy to spot with chemical smoke, an infrared camera, or simply with your hand.

The Infiltrometer Blower-Door test has been featured in magazines such as National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens, Popular Mechanics, and on the television’s This Old House program.  The best way to experience a Blower-Door test however is to have a trained Flame E3 specialist visit your home today.

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