What is the Perfect Thermostat Setting?

What is the Perfect Thermostat Setting?What is that perfect setting for the thermostat?  In a previous post we talked about the never-ending battle with the thermostat at work, but what about in our homes?  According to the US Department of Energy, during the summer months our home’s thermostat should be set at 78 degrees F for optimal energy savings.  They explain, “The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be.”

We casually surveyed a few people to see where there thermostat falls during the summer months and whether or not everyone in the family is happy with it.  Here are the results:

What is the Perfect Thermostat Setting

“76-78 during the day…it’s currently at 78. I’m not sure what it does at night because we have a nest”

“77 during the day, 73 (also a bedroom ceiling fan) at night. Good for both of us!”

“At night we set it at 72 degrees before bed. During the day it’s set at 74. I would like it lower then that most of the time though. Lol”

“Nobody’s happy 😂 To save $$…77 during the day and I lower it to 74 at night. It’s still too warm. I’d be so much happier at 72 and considering costs, my husband would be so much happier at 75.”

We’e barely use our AC in France but I’ll tell you what kept happening on our vacation.  My husband kept putting it at 71 then we’d all get too cold and so he’d turn it off until we boiled and then he’d put it back at 71 and the cycle continued. I logically put it at 75 and it was great until he went and lowered it again or turned it off😂😂😂”

“75 during day and 72 at night and then extra fans for all my hot flashes lol.”

“74- day and night”

“75 during the day 74 at night plus ceiling fan on most of time too”

Many people are doing a great job by changing their thermostat settings  to higher temperatures during the day.  This is an easy way to save energy and money.  In order to make this easier to remember, you can invest in a programmable thermostat or smart learning thermostat such as Nest.

However, as you can tell from the survey, it can be difficult to keep everyone in the family happy.  The important thing is to find a setting that you are comfortable with in regard to expense and physical comfort.  That is the perfect thermostat setting.

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