What to do for Your Home in July: Energy Efficiency & Generators

“t’s July, I got my air conditioner inspected and it’s working fine, so now what?”

It may seem like right now you are in a type of  “HVAC Stalemate.”  Yet, there are some things that you can keep doing to keep your home at its optimum heating, cooling and air quality level.

E3 Energy Efficiency Evaluation:

We all know that bills can stink, especially energy ones.  Even though your air conditioner may be running just fine in this hot weather, that does not change the fact that it is still costing you money.  An E3 evaluation will give you various exams and inspections to show you where your house is leaking and how you are losing hot/cold air as well as money.  If you ask me, this evaluation sounds pretty cool.  You will get to see for yourself where your house’s “leaky spots” are and a trained consultant will give you suggestions to fix it, almost like a report card for your home.  This is great to do in the summer to keep your house up to date and help with this cooling bills and come fall, those heating bills. (Flame Perk- these are only $95 until July 31 at Flame)


There is no bad time to purchase a generator.  Why?  Because there’s never really a good time for your power to go out (except perhaps when it’s 75 & sunny and it only goes out for 20 minutes or so during the afternoon).  More often than not, the power goes out right when you’ve run out of batteries, when it is 93 degrees and humid, after the sun has set and in the middle of your favorite TV show.  As we’ve mentioned, your air conditioner is in good shape-so now perhaps it is time to have peace of mind in other ways.  

When looking at a generator-you have a choice between either a portable generator or a stand-by generator.  The stand-by generator is permanently located outside of your home, and it has an automatic transfer switch that will turn the generator on as soon as the power goes out.As one can tell by the name, portable generators are not permanent.  Unlike the stand-by generator, they must be hooked up and turned on when the power goes out.  However, because they are portable, they can be used for other things like camping.  Stand-by generators are typically more expensive, but they can often power more than portable ones and you don’t have to worry about turning it on when the lightsgo out.

Look Ahead:

Unfortunately, fall is not that far away and so it is not too soon (maybe a little soon) to start thinking about colder weather and furnaces.  Schedule your furnace inspection early so that places do not get too booked up.  Also start thinking and considering whether or not you are going to need a new furnace or air conditioner.  Are they around 15 years old?  Then the answer is probably “yes”.

As you may be able to tell, there is always something you can do to help your home.  If you have any questions about any of these things, feel free to contact Flame!

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