What To Do With a Mercury Thermostat

Take a look at your thermostat.  If it’s over 10-12 years old, most likely it is a mercury thermostat.  As many of us know, mercury has been found to be harmful to the environment and our own health (earth911.com).  The mercury thermostat is typically safe while it is in use in the home as there should be no contact between people in the home and the mercury.  However, whether for environmental reasons, or just wanting a new thermostat-you may decide to invest in a different thermostat. If you make this decision, just know that it is important for safety and environmental reasons to dispose of the mercury thermostat correctly.

In order to dispose of mercury thermostats in the correct way, it is important to have a certified contractor do so.  You can use earth911.com to find a collection spot (EPA), or contact Flame, who is also able to correct dispose of Mercury thermostats.

For more information, contact Flame, or check out this page “How To Dispose of Old Mercury Thermostats” from thermostatchat.com, where some of this information is from.



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