What to Do With a Mercury Thermostat

In the past, mercury was commonly used in things such as thermometers and thermostats.  We now know that mercury can be very harmful and hazardous to our health.  Most thermostats sold today do not contain mercury.  However, If your home has an older mercury thermostat, do not panic!  The US Environmental Protection Agency states, “Mercury thermostats are unlikely to break or leak mercury while is use, but they need to be properly disposed of when being replaced.”  For the most part, you do not need to be worried about exposure to mercury while the thermostat is on the wall and in use.  But, you do need to be careful if and when you decide to replace it.

You may decide to change out your thermostat because it has mercury, or because there are many newer options out there: digital, programmable, and even the Nest thermostat.  Not only are these thermostats potentially safer, they can also help you save energy and money.  The biggest thing to consider when swapping out your mercury thermostat is how to dispose of it.  It is important that you do not just throw it in the trash.  You need to take it somewhere that can properly handle it.  Check out Thermostat Recycling Corporation for information on drop off locations near you.

If you would like to learn more about safe handling instructions for your mercury thermostat or about other thermostat options, contact Flame!

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