What Will Winter 2017-2018 Look Like?

Fall 2017 has been pretty mild, even downright warm, in Southeastern Michigan.  It hasn’t been out of the normal to see people still sporting shorts and sandals in the middle of October.  These temperatures may be fooling us, however, because November is approaching and winter is coming.

So, just what should we expect from winter here in the Detroit area?  Here are a few Winter 2017-2018 predictions.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac:

“This winter is forecast to be much colder than last year’s, but—just like last winter—not colder than usual….”

“Precipitation will be at above-normal levels throughout the country, which will translate to equally above-normal amounts of snowfall in parts of the Northeast, central Great Lakes, central Plains, Intermountain region, and from eastern Tennessee through New Mexico.”

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

“Wetter-than-average conditions are favored across most of the northern United States, extending from the northern Rockies, to the eastern Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley, in Hawaii and in western and northern Alaska.”

“The rest of the country [including Michigan] falls into the equal chance category, which means they have an equal chance for above-, near-, or below-normal temperatures and/or precipitation because there is not a strong enough climate signal in these areas to shift the odds.”

According to The Weather Company, an IBM Business, via The Weather Channel:

A map shows that Michigan is looking to have “near or slightly below average temperatures”


All of these forecasts show similarities, and it looks like we are in for a winter filled with precipitation and not very warm temperatures!  It is important that your home is prepared for winter weather.  Make sure your furnace is working properly, you have enough insulation, and you have a new or clean or furnace filter.  If you haven’t done so already, schedule a furnace inspection to ensure everything is in working order.  For more information about preparing your home for winter 2017-2018, contact Flame!


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