"When the Lights Go Down in the City…" It's Time to Get a Generator

"But that's another story, nevermind, anyway..."Though Journey may sing the lyrics “when the lights go down in the city…” romantically or nostalgically, in reality, when lights go out in the city, it is always not a happy occasion.  Storms (like the ones you know we’ve been having in Michigan lately) are a large cause of power outages.  Not only are these inconvenient, they can also cause you to pay large amounts of money to replace spoiling food in the refrigerator and also important files could be lost on your computer from a swift shut down of power.

A back-up generator is an excellent way to combat the effects of these summer storms that Michigan can have.  An Automatic Generator like one from Bryant offers an owner many “pros.”  First of all, having a back up generator gives one peace of mind and I know that from experience.  Moving from one house with a generator to a new one without one yet has made me a lot more nervous during storms when the lights starts to flicker (…especially if I am in the middle of the newest episode of Glee).

Why does a generator provide such great peace?  Because it is installed right outside your home and within 30 seconds of the power going out, it will automatically turn your lights right back on!  I know that if the power does go out, I will not have to start searching around in the dark for flashlights or candles (and I would most likely trip over my dog in the process).  I simply have to wait for the power to come back on and resume my previous activity.

What else does this automatic generator offer you?  It is incredibly useful and easy because you do not have to lug it out of the garage and try to set it all up in the middle of a thunderstorm.  You get to stay inside, high and dry.

Storms are great for popping popcorn and watching movies.  Unfortunately power outages can disrupt that (among many other serious things such as computers) but with an automatic generator, you can know that you can just stay inside and enjoy the lightning show.

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Title-“when the lights go down in the city” lyrics by Journey

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