When your Water Heater Needs Repair Where do You Turn?

Not many people enjoy a cold shower.  Yes, there are a few who seem to relish the cold water, especially after a hot summer day, but in the freezing winter temperatures-most people would rather relax in a hot shower.  However, we have all had those mornings when the water would not get hot.  On those mornings you had to choose whether or not to brave the chilly droplets or just go with dirty hair to work that day. So, when there is no hot water and the hot water needs repair, where do you turn?

The good news is there are a few hot water heater problems that can be solved easily by you at home.  The first thing to check if the hot water heater isn’t working is the pilot light.  If you find that the water heater’s pilot light is out, that could easily be the root of the problem. Try re-lighting it, following the manufacturer’s instructions, and see if that helps anything.  If you are a bit wary of lighting the pilot light your self- no worries, just contact a professional heating and cooling company, such as Flame, to help.

If the pilot light is not the problem, your next step is to check the temperature setting of the hot water heater.  It is possible that it is set too low, which is why your water is not warming up.  Be careful when adjusting the water, however, as setting the temperature too high can be dangerous.

If none of these fixes work, your next best step would be to contact a professional, such as those at Flame.  Other problems could include having the wrong sized hot water heater for your home or a broken dip tube. If either these are the case, or if you there is something else wrong, certified Flame technicians or qualified Flame comfort consultants will help make the necessary repairs or size a new water heater for your home.  With these problems, it is is possible that you may just need hot water repair, but it is also possible that having a new hot water heater installed is an option as well.

For more information about your hot water heater, or if you are not sure what the problem is-contact Flame!

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