Whole House Surge Protection

I love Summer storms.  I think that the lightning is incredible to watch and I enjoy being warm inside while the storm takes place outside.  There are some parts of storms that are not enjoyable however.  For example, power surges that can come from lightning.  If strong enough, these power surges can damage many of your electronic devices such as televisions, computers and stereos.

Electrical surges can occur for many reasons, though a main reason is when lightning strikes near your home and follows a power line into your house.  What this surge does is causes your voltage to raise way above the regular 120-volt and it fries your electronics.  If you are a woman who has ever traveled to Europe, you are probably aware of what a higher voltage of power can do to your hair dryer (if you do not have the correct converter), imagine what a higher voltage could do to your flat screen T.V.!

Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical offers Whole House Surge Protection which can protect all your appliances from this power surge.  This protection comes in the form of a box type object that is attached to your electrical panel.  If a power surge comes in, this box will “suck up” all the extra power which will save your computer, T.V., and hair dryer among many other items.

The Whole House Surge Protection costs about $285, and it is a little less expensive for Flame’s Gold Plan Members.  We know that Michigan can be hit with some big storms and with the Whole House Surge Protection, you can sit and enjoy the storms without having to worry about your electronics.

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