Why Choose a Tankless Water Heater

If you are like me, you probably enjoy warm or hot showers.  If you are like my brother, you probably enjoy warm or hot showers that can last up to half hour.  500 years ago, many people did not believe in bathing.  We have progressed past simply realizing that it is hygenic into enjoying bathing now that the majority of us do not have to carry water up from the stream or lake and heat it over the fire before getting into it.  There are a lot of other things that we enjoy that involve hot water, for example drinking hot chocolate and tea or sitting in a hot tub.

I am aware from personal experience that it is not enjoyable when the hot water runs out during the middle of your shower.  Unfortunately, this tends to happen frequently.  However, with a tankless hot water heater this has a very minimal chance of occuring.  Regular hot water heaters are filled with hot water and if it is all used before the cold water can be heated up, then you have a cold shower.  Contrary to this, tankless hot water heaters heat your water on demand!

These tankless heaters have many benefits.  Such as:

  • Energy Efficient-because the heater only heats the water when it is needed, energy is not being wasted on heating water that is not necessary at the moment.
  • Money Saving-by being energy efficient and heating less water, you can save money!
  • Clean Water-Sometimes rust can build up on the inside of your hot water tank, but tankless water heaters do not have that problem
  • Hot Water is Always Available-warm water should always be at your fingertips and you can use more than one thing at a time, for example a shower and a dishwasher!

Hot Water is a luxury that we have come to enjoy, and tankless hot water heaters have given us a new ways of doing so.  If you think that this may be a good option for you-you can call Flame to find out more information or schedule a consultation.

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