Why Quarantine is the Perfect Time for an Automatic Generator

Why Quarantine is the Best Time to Invest in an Automatic GeneratorMost of us in Michigan, in the United States, and even throughout the world are currently hunkering down and staying at home in order to #flattenthecurve for the recent Covid-19 pandemic.  During this time of quarantine, I have been grateful to have so much technology available to me.  I have been able to keep in contact with friends and family through video calls, I have participated in multi-person meetings with Zoom, and my son even had a checkup with his doctor via telemedicine.

Exercises classes are being held online, new release movies can be streamed at home, and attractions such as the Detroit Zoo are even joining the online trend with their live footage.  Now more than ever, we are dependent on technology for our entertainment, our work, our health, and our relationships.

So, what happens if the power goes out while in quarantine?  This time of year thunderstorms and high winds that can knock down power lines are a very real possibility. Because of our current dependance ib technology a power outage during quarantine will be much more difficult to deal with.  This is why we suggest investing in an automatic generator.

3 Reasons Why Quarantine is the Perfect Time for an Automatic Generator

1. Food

Grocery shopping has become a much more difficult enterprise in recent weeks.  Whether you are donning a mask and braving the stores, or trying to have them delivered, we are all facing empty shelves and lack of supplies.  If the power goes out and your frozen and refrigerated foods spoil, it is that much harder to replace them right now.

2. Entertainment

As mentioned above, our technology at home is a main source of entertainment.  Whether you are having a family movie night, hosting a virtual game night, or simply calming yourself by watching the penguins waddle around, electricity is key to entertainment during the Coronavirus quarantine.

3. Work

We are so thankful for health care workers and other first responders who are working on the front lines and not able to stay at home.  For those of us doing our part by staying at home, computers and phones have become how we work.

4. Family Connection

A child’s birthday party hosted on Zoom.  A family Easter celebration held over FaceTime.  Or, simply a goodnight story read by grandparents to their grandchildren.  During these times, even family and friends that live right next door can seem far away.  We need electricity in order to keep in touch.

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