What Will the Winter Weather be this Year?

Ice. Snow. Cold.  These words may make you cringe and once again wish that you had moved to Florida.  Unfortunately, winter weather will again be coming to Southeastern Michigan.  Thankfully, we still have a little while to go, but the Old Farmer’s Almanac already has some predictions about this upcoming winter in the lower Great Lakes region:

“Winter will be warmer than normal, with slightly above-normal precipitation. The coldest periods will be in early to mid-December, early January, and mid-February. Snowfall will be above normal in Ohio and below normal elsewhere, with the snowiest periods in early to mid-December, late December, early January, and early February.” (2018 Long Range Weather Forecast for Detroit, MI)

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been around since 1792, and its predictions are 80% accurate.  Some people may breathe a sigh of relief to see that winter may be warmer this year, but note that the cold parts of winter are going to be fairly early on, in December.  This means that you want to make sure your furnace is ready to go at the beginning of the heating season because you do not want any heating issues while entertaining family over the holidays!

Whether or not you trust these predictions, we know that fall and winter are just around the corner, and that means cold winter weather.  For more information about getting your residential heating ready for this winter, contact Flame!


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