Why Won't My Air Conditioner Turn On?

Spring has finally arrived!  With the sunshine and warm temperatures people are beginning to venture outside and shed some layers.  As soon as the first hot day hits, you will be ready to rev up that air conditioner.  However, what do you do if the air conditioner does not turn on? No need to fret, simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Make sure the thermostat itself is either set to “cool,” or that it is set at a temperature lower than the current room’s temperature.
  2. If that wasn’t the case, take a look at your electrical panel.  The fuse for the air conditioner may have blown.  If so, simply switch it back on. (**Sometimes there is a disconnect box located outside, right by the condenser unit, with outdoor fuses for the air conditioner.  If you have one of these, be sure to check out these fuses too.  However, it is important that they are turned off before you begin working with them).
  3. Check the filters.  Since your furnace and air conditioner typically share the same duct work, and therefore the same filter, you could have a dirty filter.  Dirty and clogged filters restrict air flow and cause the furnace and air conditioner to not work as well.  If your filter looks clogged up, it is probably time for a cleaning or a new one.

If, after trying all of these things, your air conditioner still isn’t working, the next step would be to call a qualified heating and cooling contractor to take a look at the issue.  For more information, contact Flame!

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