Zoned Cooling

During the evening, when you are not using a room, such as your bedroom, you probably remember the importance of keeping the lights off. It is a waste of money and energy to leave a light on in a room that you are not using.  So it seems kind of silly to leave the heating or air conditioning on in a room that you are not using, right? This too is true.

Consider zoned cooling.  Zoned cooling basically has different “zones” in your home, that you can cool whenever necessary.  For example, is the kitchen the most used room in your home?  Maybe you will cool that all the time. However, in the middle of the night, more than likely no one is using the kitchen. Thus, you can turn off the air in your kitchen, and still keep some on in the bedrooms, so you and your family can sleep comfortably. Also, one thing to keep in mind when looking at Zoned Cooling, is that you want a package deal.  Do not try to put different parts of cooling systems from different companies all over you home, because that will end up being a nightmare and a terrible mistake.  

You can call Flame to find out more about zoning from the comfort consultants. They can help you figure out what is right for your home in an effective manner.

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