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AC Installation & Replacement in Metro Detroit

Is your old air conditioner not working as well as it used to? Do you need a quality air conditioner for your new home? Trust a top-rated HVAC company like Flame Furnace Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical to handle your AC needs. We provide AC installation and AC replacement services for homeowners in the Metro Detroit area. Our skilled HVAC technicians can install top-of-the-line air conditioning systems to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the hot summer months.

Are you worried about the cost? Not only do we offer upfront pricing, but we also have financing options for our clients. Our goal is to make your AC installation an easy, worry-free experience.

Contact us online or call (888) 234-2340 today to schedule air conditioning installation services.

AC Installation & Replacement Services

Flame Furnace Company offers comprehensive AC installation and replacement services in the Metro Detroit area. When you hire us, we’ll discuss your air conditioning needs and the best AC unit options for your property and budget. Then, we’ll set a date for the installation and get to work ASAP. After installing your new air conditioner, we’ll test everything to ensure it’s working correctly.

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Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your AC

It isn’t always easy to tell when to upgrade your air conditioning system. You may want to consider scheduling air conditioning replacement services if your current air conditioner is:

  • Inefficient: High energy bills may be caused by an old, inefficient AC unit.
  • Noisy: Loud noises are frustrating and usually indicate a problem with your air conditioner.
  • Frequently breaking down: You’ll save money in the long run by upgrading to an air conditioner that doesn’t need constant repairs.
  • Old: If your air conditioner is over 15 years old, it’s likely time to schedule AC replacement services.

Don’t wait until your air conditioner breaks down for good. Upgrade your air conditioner now to enjoy a more comfortable home. Call (888) 234-2340 or contact us online today!

An old air conditioner unit, in need of updating

Upgrading to a New AC

There are many benefits to replacing your old air conditioner. You’ll be able to take advantage of the lasting cooling technology, which means your air conditioner will likely be much more energy-efficient. This will save you money on monthly energy bills and keep your family more comfortable. You’ll also deal with fewer AC breakdowns caused by old, failing air conditioning components. Most people replace their air conditioners when the AC unit is over 15 years old or malfunctioning.

If you’re ready to upgrade your air conditioner, reach out to our team online to set up AC replacement services.

Why Choose Flame Furnace Company?

Look no further than Flame Furnace Company for top-notch air conditioning installation and replacement services. Our goal is to help homeowners in Metro Detroit and the surrounding areas stay comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside.

We’ve been around since 1949 and built a reputation with our clients built on trust. When you hire us, you’ll never receive surprise charges, and we’ll always price our services fairly.

Contact us online or call (888) 234-2340 today to set up your AC replacement or installation services. Be sure to ask about our military and senior discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions About AC Installation

The right air conditioner for your home will be based on a few factors. We’ll consider your home’s size, your family’s cooling needs, and your budget when making a recommendation.

If you install your own air conditioner, you could damage it and waste money. We strongly recommend hiring an experienced HVAC professional to handle your AC installation.

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