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FLAME has experienced electricians, state licensed and insured, offering commercial electrical installation and commercial electrical repair services for Michigan companies.

Electrical problems in your Michigan business can be frustrating, difficult to solve yourself, and sometimes even quite dangerous. Resetting a circuit breaker, testing a live receptacle, testing a device for continuity, or testing for power at an open outlet box are all hazardous electrical maintenance tasks not easily handled by the average person. You don’t have to do this unsafe work by yourself. In fact, you probably shouldn’t! The solution is simple: FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical.

FLAME is the industry-leading, Michigan-based, commercial electrical company. With over sixty years of electrical experience and servicing more than 75,000 homes and businesses in the Metropolitan Detroit region, FLAME is the answer to all of your electric service needs. We are licensed through the state of Michigan, and FLAME is always on top of emerging innovation in the electrical field— learning the newest methods and industry tips, with the ultimate goal of exceeding your expectations.

FLAME can solve all of your commercial electrical installation, repair, and maintenance needs. From fixing broken plugs on a light fixture, to wiring brand new offices, or from a small site remodel, to a brand new construction, building it from the ground up, FLAME is experienced with it all. Our professionally trained technicians can replace fuse panels and breakers and install full electrical back-up generators.

At FLAME, we are determined and passionate about giving you the best services and products at competitive prices, and we will always go the extra step to ensure your comfort with our solutions. FLAME has a reliable team of licensed electrical professionals— offering same day service, evenings, Sundays, and holiday appointments. FLAME continues to grow in Michigan, and we will continue to center our business on being, “the complete home & business comfort partner.”

Call FLAME, at 888-234-2340, or contact us online. We’ll always get back to you within 24 hours.
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