Residential Electrical Installation

FLAME is more than just the heating and cooling expert for your Michigan home. Expertly-trained FLAME electricians are licensed and insured to perform electrical installation and electrical repair services in Michigan.

That means, whether your Michigan home needs a fuse box with circuit breakers replaced or ceiling and exhaust fan installations, range or dryer outlets, FLAME is your local electrical installation solution.

Michigan homeowners can also take advantage of our Residential Electrical Evaluation Service.

FLAME’s comprehensive Home Electrical Inspection includes:

  • Check all switches: single pole, three ways and four way
  • Check for correct polarity on all 110 volt duplex devices
  • Check G.F.I. devices for proper operation **
  • Check for correct grounding on all 110 volt duplex devices *
  • a
  • Check G.F.I. devices for proper locations, as per electrical code **
  • Check smoke detector 110 volt and battery for proper operation
  • Check carbon monoxide detector
  • Check electrical panel for correct labeling
  • Check for proper grounding in the electrical panel *
  • Check for proper grounding at the water meter *
  • Check for electrical ground rod connection outside *
  • Check for damaged electrical devices
  • Check for damaged electrical device covers in the house
  • Check for weatherproof covers on all outside devices
  • Check all outdoor lighting for proper operation
  • Check for bath exhaust fan operation
  • Check for proper operation on door bell system
  • Check dedicated circuits, furnace, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.
  • Check all breakers for loose wire connections
  • Check for loose wire connections on neutral bars in the electrical panel
  • Check for sub electrical panels. Stairways, garage, sheds and etc.

Now, that’s a long list of to-dos that you do not have to worry about, because it is all handled by a FLAME electrical expert. Next time you suspect an electrical failure in your home, FLAME is your go-to pro for electrical flow.

Call FLAME, at (888) 234-2340, or fill out our quick contact form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

*Grounding is the bond between your electrical equipment and the earth.
**G.F.I. stands for ground fault interrupt device normally near water location.

Electrical Installation

FLAME Heating & Cooling offers electrical installations and comprehensive electrical inspections.


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