Commercial Plumbing

FLAME’s services have expanded, and we are now proud to announce that FLAME commercial plumbers are ready to handle all of the plumbing needs for Michigan business owners. Our job is not only to fix the problem, but to leave you with the peace of mind, knowing that the job was done right by our Master or Journeyman plumbers.

Whether your business is facing a plumbing surprise issue, or it’s a routine inspection, FLAME’s commercial plumbing professionals are ready to help your business. Our team consists of expert Master Plumbers and Journeyman, all of whom are trained to provide fast service, and get results. Don’t forget, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job.


A backflow is when contaminated water mixes with your business’ normal tap water. There are a multitude of ways backflows can occur and prevention is key. While issues with backflows are rare, it’s important to understand what they are, and how to react. Prevention is key. FLAME’s Heating and Cooling Backflow prevention services starts by testing the backflow prevention device in your building. Truthfully, many cities, municipalities and states require this test is done on a yearly basis.

When’s the last time your building tested its backflow system? Call a commercial plumber today to schedule a backflow prevention test today.

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FLAME’s commercial backflow prevention installation services make sure businesses’ water remains uncontaminated so that businesses can stay open.

Do you know how your business’ backflow prevention system is working?

Call (888) 234-2340 and schedule an appointment with one of our commercial plumbers. No matter the degree of difficulty, FLAME’s trained Master or Journeyman Plumbers install backflow prevention systems designed to keep businesses functioning and leaving their owners with peace of mind.

Michigan business owners, if you want to ensure that your water remains uncontaminated, and prevent backflows, schedule a commercial backflow prevention installation today.


FLAME’s commercial plumbing team is prepared to help serve, repair and provide maintenance services for your commercial bathtubs today.

Usually, a bathtub is installed in your commercial building when the building was constructed. FLAME’s commercial plumbers can repair broken bath tubs in order to prevent costly installation and removals.

FLAME’s Commercial Bathtub Services include:

  • Replacing Drain Pipes
  • Overflow replacement
  • Replacing faucets and old knobs
  • Backflow prevention
  • Cleaning sewers and drains
  • Refinishing
  • And more


FLAME’s Master and Journeyman plumbers are ready to help your business install commercial bathtubs. It’s important to ensure that every bathtub that is installed is built to prevent leaks and other malfunctions. FLAME’s commercial bathtub installations come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; this is why Michigan business owners trust FLAME for bathtub installation.


Replacing commercial bathtubs can be an expensive and time consuming task. Rather than installing a new bathtub, reach out to the Master Journeyman and Plumbers at FLAME Heating and Cooling. Our commercial plumbing team is available to help refinish, repair damage or leakage problems, patch cracks, and more.


A leaky faucet can end up costing a business a lot of money if it isn’t attended to right away. When one of your commercial faucets leaks or malfunctions, call the commercial plumbers at FLAME Heating and Cooling. As plumbers, it’s not only our job to fix the leak, but to leave you, the business owner, with the peace of mind that your faucet is working efficiently. Faucets can stop working because of a variety of issues.


From installing a new sink, to replacing out-of-date faucets, FLAME’s commercial plumbers will cover any of your needs. Since our top-notch commercial plumbing team consists of Master and Journeyman plumbers, we are equipped to handle any commercial faucet installation.


FLAME Heating and Cooling can help modernize your business’ faucets.

Commercial Faucet repairs can include:

  • Recaulking
  • Fixture replacement
  • Drain pipe replacement
  • Overflow replacement
  • Leak repair
  • Leak prevention

If a faucet at your business has been leaking, or not performing at its maximum efficiency, reach out to FLAME Heating and Cooling’s commercial plumbing team. While installing a new faucet is always an option, sometimes a simple repair can solve your problems—and save you money.


FLAME’s Commercial Fixture Replacement services cover toilets, showers, sinks, laundry tubs, faucets, drains, and more. Our knowledgeable commercial plumbers are trained and experienced to handle any removal or installation your business requires. Whether you’re looking to replace a broken fixture or just in need of an upgrade, FLAME has the tools and knowledge to help.


If you’re unsure of why a fixture in your business isn’t working properly or if it has stopped working altogether, contact our commercial fixture repair team. When a fixture stops working, it’s easy to consider replacing it, but sometimes a simple repair is all that is needed to get the device up and working. Our team of knowledgeable commercial plumbers has the knowledge, training, and experience to repair your commercial fixtures.

Fixtures we repair include:

  • Kitchen sinks
  • Garbage disposals
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs
  • Water heaters
  • Sump pumps
  • Faucets
  • Laundry tubs


Let the experts at FLAME handle all of your commercial garbage disposal service needs. A commercial garbage disposal can be used anywhere from an office building or restaurant with food waste. And we don’t often think of commercial garbage disposal repairs until something goes wrong. In commercial buildings, many people can be reliant on garbage disposals. So when something goes awry, it can be detrimental to the whole building.

Commercial garbage disposal installation and repairs can be difficult. That is why we recommend you contact one of the experts at FLAME to install or repair your garbage disposal.


When a garbage disposal is working properly, it’s usually forgotten, but when it stops working, the issue becomes immediately apparent. FLAME Heating and Cooling’s commercial garbage disposal installation team has the plumbers and expertise to install a garbage disposal that is right for your business. Our plumbers take the time to walk you through your options and make sure you are comfortable with your decision.


Garbage disposals are a highly useful device for any commercial building with a kitchen. But we don’t often think of disposal repairs until something goes wrong. Electrical problems can occur, the flywheel can become stuck, leaks arise in a variety of places, and slow drainage can cause backups.

FLAME offers commercial garbage disposal repair services. Call on our Master and Journeyman plumbers to resolve any garbage disposal-related issues your business might be facing.

Commercial garbage disposal repairs include:

  • Garbage disposal replacement
  • Leak repair
  • Electrical and switch repair
  • Grinding plate maintenance
  • Batchfeed stopper replacement



Your commercial gas line can be responsible for supporting a variety of your business’s day-to-day functionality. This includes hot water, heating and cooling, and a multitude of other appliances. When an issue with your commercial gas line arises, call on FLAME Heating and Cooling’s commercial plumbers. Dealing with broken gas lines can be dangerous, and it’s important to call on expert and experienced plumbers. From gas line installations to gas line repair services, FLAME is ready to assist your business.


When your business is in need of installing a commercial gas line, reach out to the Master plumbers here at FLAME Heating and Cooling.

Installing and repairing commercial gas lines can be a dangerous task. Natural gas, while being dangerous, is an efficient option when it comes to heating and cooling your business. Gas line connections are usually composed of steel pipes or soft copper, and there are subtle differences in techniques during the installation process.


If you believe your business’ building is experiencing a gas leak, contact the commercial gas line repair team at FLAME Heating and Cooling immediately. Gas line leaks are dangerous. They are directly linked to health concerns as well as increasing the chances and speed of a fire starting and spreading. Commercial gas line repairs can include vent and flue replacement, fitting repairs, Carbon Monoxide leak detection, gas leak detection and prevention, and more.


If your business is consistently using a commercial laundry tub, there’s a high chance the drain and surface of the tub need an inspection. It’s important to monitor your business’ laundry tub for erosion and clogging. FLAME’s team of Master Craft and Journeyman plumbers are ready to assist your business in whatever laundry tub needs you might have. Our commercial laundry services include drain fixture repair and replacement, backflow prevention, laundry tub installations, and more.


Commercial laundry tubs or utility sinks are necessary for a multitude of businesses day-to-day operations. When used daily, the wear and tear can erode the tub, and the drain becomes clogged more easily. If you’re looking to update your utility sink, call on FLAME’s commercial laundry tub installation services.


Rather than installing a new laundry tub, sometimes repairing your existing tub is the correct move. Contact us online and schedule an appointment with our commercial laundry tub repair team. Our commercial plumbers will inspect your business’ laundry tub and recommend what course of action is right for your company. A typical laundry tub repair involves one or more of the following: leak repair, drain cleaning and maintenance, backflow prevention, and drain fixture repair and replacement.


It’s important to make sure your business’s plumbing is inspected from time to time in order to prevent damage and plumbing issues from occurring.

No matter what your commercial plumbing inspection turns up, our team of plumbers is prepared to repair, replace and prevent further damage in order to keep your business operational. Leaks and clogs, cleaning or testing, we are here to help your business. Schedule a commercial plumbing inspection online, and we’ll call you.


Preventative maintenance is essential for every business. Continually performing preventative maintenance allows your business to maximize efficiency and reduces the chances of a plumbing issues, which can be quite costly.

A typical commercial plumbing preventative maintenance inspection includes the following: diagnosing and repairing a leaky faucet, water heater inspections and maintenance, cleaning the garbage disposal, cleaning the aerators, preventing leaks and sealing active leaks, inspecting your company’s water line, testing the piping, testing the main sewer line, clog removal services, and drain clearing and maintenance.


If you’re in the process of redesigning, renovating, and remodeling your business, and the plumbing system is subject to changes, it’s important to consult a professional. FLAME’s plumbers have the experience to help your business with commercial renovations and remodeling.

Our commercial renovation and remodeling services include installing new piping, installing new toilets, sinks, laundry tubs, and more. No matter the size of your renovation, from a hotel renovating every room to a local restaurant replacing a single sink, FLAME is ready to help.


Do you know how clean your business’ sewer drains are? In order to prevent costly repairs like major flooding, which can damage a building’s foundation, it is crucial to schedule a regular commercial sewer drain cleaning.


One of the most important services you can have performed on your building is a sewer drain cleaning repair. When a backup occurs, it can cause flooding, which can affect the foundation of your building or damage the drain, which leads to more costly repairs. A few signs that your company is overdue for a commercial sewer drain cleaning repair are water backing up out of drains or toilets, a gurgling sound from drains or toilets, and water around floor drains.

If you have any reason to believe that there may be a clog in your building’s main sewer line, give us a call. We’ll help you determine if the clog has occurred in a secondary drainage pipe or if it has occurred in the main line. If it is a main line clog, we’ll clear it out for you without pushing any additional costs or services on you.


Let’s face it, the reason your restaurant’s or commercial building’s sink clogs frequently is because it is constantly in use, and your business needs to keep using it. FLAME’s commercial plumbers are here to help.

Some commercial sink services we execute are sink drain cleanings and repairs, basket strainer fixture replacement, faucet and knob replacement, clog removal, and more.


It’s necessary, no matter the industry, that your business has operational sinks. FLAME Master and Journeymen Plumbers’ commercial sink installation services leave business owners with a new sink and the comfort of knowing that their sink was installed correctly.

Every commercial sink installation is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re looking to add on, improve or repair the sinks, faucets, and drains for your business, call us today or sign up online, and we’ll call you.


FLAME’s commercial sink repair services help restore your company’s sinks back to their former glory. Because sinks are used so frequently, it is not uncommon for damage to occur. This can include the drain not functioning to minute aesthetic issues. When your commercial sinks are acting up, reach out to our expert plumbing team online, and we’ll call you.

Some of the commercial sink repairs we perform range from sink drain cleaning and replacements, basket strainer fixture replacement, faucet and knob replacement, and even clog removal.


Commercial sump pumps are necessary for any building, especially those with a higher risk of flooding. A sump pump removes water from a sump basin and transports it away from your business. They are often forgotten until something goes wrong. This is why it’s critical to ensure your commercial sump pump is operating effectively and efficiently before flooding occurs. This way, any repairs can be done ahead of time, or a new sump pump can be installed to prevent future damages.

A simple commercial sump pump service includes cleaning the pump, removing any obstructions, checking the valve replacement, cleaning and replacing the impeller, float replacement, and even electrical connection repairs.


Sump pumps are used to prevent flooding from happening, typically in the basement of a business. While a pump may be simple to install, it’s common that the ground needs to be broken in order to install it properly, and the piping needs to be precisely fixed in place. In these cases, and in order to have the peace of mind that everything is operational, it’s crucial to hire professionals.


Fixing a broken sump pump is essential for any commercial property. Sump pumps are used to remove excess water and prevent basements from flooding. If your sump pump is damaged, you run the risk of flooding your organization’s basement, which can lead to a variety of larger issues and expenses.


FLAME’s team of Master and Journeyman plumbers offer a variety of commercial toilet services. These include repairing leaks, cleaning the drain, removing clogs, replacing toilet fill valves, flappers, gaskets, toilet seats, and recaulking.

If you’re having issues with your commercial plumbing and toilets at your business, we’re ready to help. From repairing broken toilets to installing new devices, FLAME has the personnel and experience to help with your commercial toilet dilemma.


Toilets are one of the most often used fixtures in your commercial building, which is why it is crucial that they are installed correctly and by a professional. FLAME’s commercial toilet installation services are performed by Master and Journeyman plumbers. We’ll make sure your toilets are level, leak-free, and sit correctly on the main drainage pipe.

If your business has a toilet that is beyond repair, schedule a toilet installation today and replace your broken unit.


Due to how often they are used in a commercial setting, toilets frequently break down and are in need of repair. Common commercial toilet repairs include recaulking, repairing leaks, cleaning the drain, and removing clogs, toilet fill valves, gaskets, flappers, and seats. FLAME’s commercial toilet repair services use only high-quality OEM replacement parts.


When your building’s commercial water pipes are working effectively, it’s easy to forget about them. When something goes wrong, it’s important to know where to turn and how to react. FLAME’s commercial water pipe services are available for repairs as well as for routine checkups.

Damaged or leaky pipes can cause a multitude of issues for any business, most of which are avoidable. These can be expensive to fix, which is why it’s important to stay on top of your building’s commercial piping and prevent problems before they occur.


Do you know what type of water pipes your building has? Copper water piping is by far the most common piping in new and old commercial buildings. If your building uses a different type of piping, It is recommended that your company switch.

FLAME’s commercial water pipe repiping services are available for businesses who are looking to modernize and improve their building’s piping situation.


If your business has a basement with an electric sump pump, it’s important to invest in a commercial water-powered backup sump pump. Floods are unpredictable and can cause a surprising amount of damage and unforeseen costs. Investing in a backup plan will allow you the peace of mind of knowing that your basement is protected from the devastation of random flooding.


At FLAME, we know business never stops. And you definitely can’t afford a flood in your commercial building. Sometimes, an electric pump is not enough protection during a bad storm that could knock the power out.

A commercial water-powered backup sump pump will help ensure that your business’ basement will not flood, whether the flooding is natural or man-made. Installing a water-powered sump pump in your business keeps your business clean and gives you peace of mind.

That’s why we recommend having a water-powered backup sump pump installed in your building by a FLAME Master or Journeyman plumber. These units rarely fail and require almost no maintenance.


If your building has a commercial water-powered backup sump pump in its basement, it’s important to ensure it is working properly. These devices still require maintenance and occasional repairs. FLAME’s typical backup sump pump repairs include checking the main water line, replacing the backflow valve, and inspecting the surrounding piping to see if any repairs or replacements are required.

Why trust FLAME? Because FLAME does the highest quality work, and we use only the highest quality parts. FLAME backs up all of our technicians’ work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Michigan business owners trust FLAME as the airflow pros.

Call FLAME today for more information or to schedule service at (888) 234-2340, or sign up online, and we’ll call you.

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