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Drain Cleaning Services in Metro Detroit

Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical offers a wide variety of plumbing services in the Metro Detroit area. Our professional plumbers handle everything from water heaters to sump pumps to pipe repair. We offer drain cleaning services to keep your home drains running as smoothly as possible. We do it all: clogged toilets, slow tub drains, stopped-up sinks.

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What Is Drain Cleaning?

Your home’s plumbing system has many components, including sewer lines, water supply lines, and drains. Blockages can form from debris, including soap scum, oil, lime scale, hair, and more. Drain cleaning or clearing clears the pipes moving used, dirty water away from your home. This wastewater comes from fixtures and appliances such as dishwashers, sinks, toilets, washing machines, and showers. The drain cleaning process can include using power augers, plumbing snakes, or other tools and technology to cut through the debris until the outgoing pipes have no more obstructions.

If you need help with a clogged drain, call Flame Furnace Company at (888) 234-2340 or contact us online.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Clogs can develop at any time. The following signs indicate that you may have a drain clog:

  • Slow or stopped drains
  • Strange odors coming from the plumbing
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises coming from the plumbing
  • Low or inconsistent water pressure

For help determining if you have a clogged drain, call us at (888) 234-2340 or contact us online.

Drain Cleaning Process

Once we’ve arrived, we’ll begin by locating the clog, possibly through video camera inspection. We’ll use a power auger, high-pressure water, or a combination of these and other tools to restore water flow. After that, a video camera inspection will confirm that the job is complete. Then we’ll clean up after ourselves.

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Drain Snaking vs. Drain Clearing

Two approaches to getting clogged pipes working again include drain snaking and drain cleaning. Both methods involve threading a device into the clogged pipe to create a pathway for wastewater to drain through. With drain snaking, a hole gets drilled or blown through the debris, reestablishing flow. This is a temporary, quick, cheaper solution since a portion of the blockage remains afterward. Drain clearing entirely cleans the pipe’s interior, resulting in a longer-lasting solution since no blockage remnants remain.

To learn more about drain snaking versus drain cleaning, call (888) 234-2340 or reach out online.

Choose Flame Furnace Company

We’re in the business of helping people, and we’ve been doing that since 1949. When metro Detroit customers work with us, they can rest easy knowing our knowledgeable and experienced plumbers have passed background checks and are licensed and insured. We offer senior discounts, military discounts, and financing options. For customers with plumbing emergencies, we also have 24/7 emergency services.

Need drain cleaning services in the Detroit metro area? Call us at (888) 234-2340 or contact Flame Furnace Company online today.

Drain Cleaning FAQs

The recommendation is to have your drains professionally cleaned every two years.

The blockage may be isolated if the clog only affects one fixture, like a sink or toilet. You might be able to repair it with a plunger, chemical cleaner, or toilet snake. If those don’t work or multiple fixtures or drains show signs of clogging, call a professional instead of trying to fix it yourself

There are a few things you can do. Make sure only human waste and toilet paper get flushed down the toilet. Don’t put leftover meats in your kitchen drain. In the shower, use a mesh drain screen. See more tips here.

Need Help? We will fix it in a snap!
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