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Why You Should Start Drinking Hot Water Now

We all know that we are supposed to drink water.  And, if you have ever been really, really thirsty, you can definitely attest to how great water is.  That said, there are actually some benefits that you can get from …

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What is the Ideal Hot Water Tank Temperature?

I am someone that likes things HOT.  I do not even like to drink coffee if it reaches a lukewarm temperature, and I prefer for the water in the shower to be extra steamy.  In the past, we have had …

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4 Tips to Make Leaf Clean Up Easier

In the summers we mow the lawn, in the winters we shovel the snow, and in the fall, we rake the leaves.  The fall leaf clean up is a responsibility that most homeowners or renters need to deal with, and …

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Happy Labor Day Weekend 2020

It’s here!  The bittersweet long weekend that unofficially marks the end of summer.  Why bittersweet?  Well, it is hard to not mourn the passing of the carefree days that summer offered to us, but we know we have exciting things …

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What is the Best Temperature for Learning? (Virtual or In-Person)

September is just around the corner, which means that ‘back to school’ is a topic on everyone’s minds.  This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, ‘back to school’ is probably looking quite a bit different.  Whether you are including masks …

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The First 6 Things to Do in the Event of a Basement Flood

A basement flood is way more than a bit of a bummer.  A basement flood is much more than an inconvenience.  In fact, it is a disaster that can jeopardize safety and be expensive. When you walk down the stairs …

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The Most Beautiful Local Spots in Michigan

Michigan is a beautiful state. In fact, often, while visiting a local park, walking by the lake, or heading ‘up north’ you can almost hear Tim Allen’s voice describing “pure Michigan.”  The beauty is not just limited to the popular …

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Indoor Lightning Safety: Plumbing and Electrical Tips

We may joke about getting struck by lightning, but it really isn’t something to joke around about.  Did you know that lightning can actually reach temperatures hotter than the sun?  Yep, lightning has recorded temperatures of up to 50,000 degrees …

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Why You Should Count Between Thunder and Lightning

Summer is the prime time for thunderstorms.  Often occurring in the afternoon or evening hours, they are so commonplace we tend to forget how dangerous they can be.  From lightning strikes to power outages, thunderstorms are not something we should …

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Dog Days of Summer

We are officially in the dog days of summer.  Agreed? Contrary to popular belief, that common saying does not actually come from the thought of tired dogs lazing around on a hot summer day.  The history of the phrase extends …

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