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It’s Time to Stop Playing with the Office Thermostat

Have you ever heard that saying:  there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes?  The cliche is stating that as long as you are dressed properly, the weather outside shouldn’t really have any affect on you.  Whether you …

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8 Easy Backyard Water Activities to Try this Summer

The first day of summer has come and gone, and now it’s officially time to start spending your days outside as much as possible.  Though your kids may be asking to head to the nearest swimming pool or water park, …

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5 Secrets for a Shorter Shower

I admit it.  I take long showers.  And, they are usually really hot.  It’s a problem because showers are actually the 3rd biggest water users in our homes, after toilets and clothes washers.  Not only am I contributing to this …

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Preparing for a Flood Checklist

  Having water enter your home can be a nightmare.  It can be dangerous, unsanitary, and it is hard to clean up.  Not only that, but when your home floods, you can end up losing valuable and expensive items. With …

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How Dirty Door and Window Tracks Impact Your Energy Bills

While growing up my father had a favorite saying:  “A clean ______ is a happy _______.”  He would use it all the time and fill in the blanks to suit his purposes.  A clean room is a happy room.  A …

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How to Keep your Home Clean With Your Thermostat

Did you know that vacuuming could actually make your dust and dirt problem worse?  Yep–all of that hard work, up in smoke!  Or, should I say, all of that hard work, up in a cloud of dust! That’s because most …

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What No One Tells You About a Home Inspection

This time of year ‘For Sale’ signs on front lawns are almost as common as freshly planted flower beds.  According to Realtor.com, “Spring is usually the high season for housing…”  With new houses popping up on the market left and …

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Cleveland Clinic’s Mold Prevention Advice

With rainy days and humid air beginning to fill our days sometimes it feels like the dampness will never go away.  Moisture is a main cause of mold growth, so it makes sense that all of this wet weather is …

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Happy Memorial Day 2019

An official holiday since 1971, Memorial Day is a day to honor those who have died while serving in the United States military.  Thank you for all you of who have served our country. In honor of this special day, …

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Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioner Inspections

In the HVAC world we really only have two seasons:  heating season and cooling season.  That’s because we spend those ‘in-between seasons,’ fall and spring, getting ready for winter and summer. For many of us, whether or not you are …

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