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11 Simple Ways to Save Money in the Bathroom

You know those graphics that say “____is always a good idea?”  Usually the blank is filled in with something like ‘champagne,’ or ‘Paris.’  While none of us are arguing that champagne and Paris are usually pretty good ideas, we actually …

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How to Tell What Winter Will be Like According to the Farmer’s Almanac

It may be hard to remember, or even harder for your kids to believe, but there was a time when we couldn’t always use the apps on our smartphone to check the hour by hour forecast for the day.  In …

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3 Reasons Why Your Home’s Water is Too Hot

Usually when you have a hot water heater problem at home–the problem is that the there isn’t any hot water.  Sometimes, though, the pendulum can swing the other direction and the problem is that the water is too hot.  On …

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Why August is the Time to Schedule a Furnace Inspection

Are you someone that prepares for things way ahead of time?  Or do you tend to handle things as they come?  For example, do you shop for Christmas presents all year round, or will we find you at the mall …

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What a Hot August Means for You

Forecasters are calling for August 2019 to have temperatures that are average or slightly above average in southeastern Michigan.  Average temperatures in Detroit usually hover around 80 degrees, which means that we are looking at a pretty toasty August this …

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How to Save Photos from a Flooded Basement

Homes floods are awful.  They are a mess to clean up, and it can be expensive to replace or fix damaged items.  But I think most of us would agree that the worst part of a flood is when memories …

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A Quick Guide to Fixing Ice on the Air Conditioner

The time of year really does impact how we see things, doesn’t it?  For example, if our children want to head outside wearing flip flops in July we don’t blink an eye.  But, if it’s the middle of January and …

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How to Survive the Dog Days of Summer Like a Dog

The Dog Days of Summer.  A.k.a those sweltering days where you decide to live like your dog by laying down most of the day and getting up only when absolutely necessary.  Those days when everything seems to move slowly, your …

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4 Easy No-Cook Recipes for a Power Outage

Many of us who have ever lost power for extended amounts of time know that coming up with a plan for dinner can get pretty tricky.  According to the USDA food can stay safe in your fridge for up to …

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Cooling Centers Open in Metro Detroit to Help Effects of ‘Heat Dome’

This weekend we have entered into a heat dome here in metro Detroit.  With temperatures settling into the 90’s with a heat index into the 100’s we are all preparing for a few hot and sticky days. Heat waves such …

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