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4 Holiday Energy Saving Tips

The holidays have become a time of spend, spend, spend.  There’s buying presents, buying wrapping paper, bows, and tags, buying ingredients for cookies and other special recipes, travel expenses, buying decorations, higher electrical bills, and the list goes on and …

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4 Pet Safety Tips in Cold Weather

People with pets know that their pets aren’t just animals– they are additional members of the family.  Whether it is a dog, a cat, a fish, or a hamster, pets are beloved and we want to do our best to …

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Extension Cord Safety During the Holidays

The Christmas season is filled with traditions from baking cookies to reading stories to decorating the inside and outside of our homes.  Some of us may dread pulling out the bin of Christmas lights each year, while others may relish …

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Snow Can Cause Problems with High Efficiency Furnace

Starting tomorrow we may be able to truly say, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” The weather forecast is showing 1-2 inches of snow coming to metro Detroit this weekend, and suddenly it will seem much more festive …

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5 Inexpensive Christmas Light Displays in Metro Detroit

Light has been a part of Christmas since it began.  The wise men and shepherds followed the star to see the Christ child in his cradle, and before electricity was invented, candles and Advent wreaths were used to celebrate the …

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How to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree… Thanksgiving is passed, and it is time to deck the halls once again.  There is something so cozy about a decorated and lit Christmas tree, but Christmas trees can come with potential dangers and …

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Thanksgiving 2017 at Flame

Thanksgiving is a day to be with loved ones and think about all we have to be thankful in our lives. All of us at Flame have things we are thankful for, but all together, we are thankful for our …

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What Thanksgiving Foods Can Go Down the Garbage Disposal?

For some people, Thanksgiving is a day full of relaxing, eating food, and maybe watching some football.  However, one place that isn’t relaxed on Thanksgiving is the kitchen.  Whether one person is shouldering the whole meal, or if you have …

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Is a Smart Toilet Seat for You?

Have you noticed how so many things in our homes these days are now gaining the word “smart” in front of them?  Smart phones, smart televisions, smart thermostats, smart home, and now we can add TOILET SEAT to that list. …

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6 Steps for Winterizing your Home

Your home is your family’s best fortress against cold winter weather.  This winter you want to make sure that your home is as ready as possible for chilly temperatures.  You also want to be sure that you aren’t going to …

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