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Flame is now a Daikin Air Intelligence Dealer

Past Flame customers know that we have delivered excellent products from Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems.  As a factory authorized dealer for Bryant, our technicians have been able to provide great products coupled with great expertise. Flame is continuing to …

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Where to Splash or Swim in Metro Detroit

Summer 2018 is officially in full swing, and it is a HOT one.  We’ve all gotten pretty used to seeing temperatures hovering around the 90s in upcoming forecasts, but it doesn’t make that heat (and humidity) any less brutal for …

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How to Use Tree Shade to Cool your Home

We’ve all seen the cartoons where the characters are dragging themselves through a hot desert.  Sweat is dripping off their bodies while their arms drag behind them as the sun relentlessly beats down.  Until…they spot an oasis–cool and refreshing with …

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5 Indoor Metro Detroit Attractions for When It’s Too Hot

Those with young kids know that one of the best parts of summer is the ability to be outside instead of being cooped up in the house day after day.  BUT, when the weather is stifling hot, sometimes we find …

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No Oven Recipes to Help Your Home Stay Cool

I LOVE cooking on hot summer days….said no one ever.  When the sun is shining, not only do we want to spend the day soaking up Vitamin D instead of inside cooking, but turning on the oven can seriously heat …

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Energy and Safety Tips for the 4th of July

The 4th of July has always kind of felt like the mid-point of summer sandwiched between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Usually by Independence Day summer is in full swing–schools are out, day camps are in session, tan lines have …

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Tips for Preventing a Clogged Drain

  That feeling of panic when you flush the toilet and realize that instead of swirling and going down, the water is instead rising…and quickly. When you are only a minute into your shower and you notice that you are …

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Michiganders Can only Handle 85 Degree Temps According to Survey

There was a famous scene in the 2000 movie “Miss Congeniality” with Sandra Bullock.  One of the contestants in the beauty pageant is asked what her idea of  a perfect date is.  Misunderstanding, she answers, “That’s a tough one. I’d have …

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When Is it TOO Hot Outside? Heat Safety Tips

  Remember when we were in the throes of winter?  When the thermometer barely rose above freezing and alarm clocks were set earlier to accommodate the need to shovel the driveway each day?  Those days when it seemed like the …

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Is a Leaky Faucet a Big Deal?

I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase, “a drop in the bucket.”  If you aren’t, the Cambridge Dictionary defines the phrase as: something small and unimportant, esp. when compared with something else: The thing is, when we are talking …

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