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How to Prevent a Cooking Fire this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and there are definitely a lot of opinions about how it should be celebrated this year.  With cases of Coronavirus once again on the rise, we will all be taking some extra precautions on …

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How Flame Can Help Your Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving will probably look a little different for most of us this year.  Though that does seem to be the theme for 2020, doesn’t it?  Every new holiday or event this past year has had its own learning curve.  We …

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4 Energy Efficient Christmas Decorations to Try this Year

It’s about time to pull the Christmas decorations out of the garage, attic, or wherever you choose to keep them.  For most Americans, the holiday season is one of hefty spending.  Between gifts, travel, groceries for gatherings, and decorations, this …

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5 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy this Winter

Last year we published a post about keeping kids healthy during cold and flu season.  In addition to heating healthy and frequent hand washing, there are plenty of ways that your home’s HVAC system can also help out.  This year, …

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How to Prevent Legionnaire’s Disease in Your Home

What is Legionnaire’s Disease? Legionnaire’s Disease, or its less severe counterpart, Pontiac Fever, is a respiratory condition caused by breathing in the bacteria, Legionella. Where Could it Be in Your Home? Naturally found in freshwater, according to the Centers for …

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Get Out and Vote!

It is the first Tuesday in November, which means that it is election day here in the United States of America.  What a great privilege it is to be able to express our opinions and have a voice in our …

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The Other Thing You Need to Do When Daylight Savings Time Ends

This weekend daylight savings time comes to an end.  Saturday night we will all gain an extra hour of sleep as we roll back the clocks one hour. Though there are movements to do away with these daylight savings time …

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Everything You Need to Do Before You Turn the Furnace On

In the past we have been a family that has tried to last as long as possible before turning the heat on each fall.  This year, we are in the middle of potty training our 2 year old, which consists …

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How to Have an Energy Efficient Halloween in 2020

Like everything else this year, Halloween is going to look a little bit different.  Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we will not see large indoor Halloween parties, and those cloth masks we are getting to accustomed to will also …

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6 Places to Get a Pumpkin in Metro Detroit

I’m sure many of you have heard of the trend of being basic–especially during the fall months.  Things like drinking pumpkin spice lattes, taking selfies in an apple orchard, and wearing boots and flannel are all considered ‘basic.’  While sites …

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