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The 3 Reasons You Should Be Turning Off Devices During a Brownout

We don’t believe in ghosts, so when the lights start flickering, we know what it usually means:  an electrical brownout. Unlike blackouts that wipe out all of the electricity to your home, a brownout means that a lesser amount of …

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Happy Fourth of July 2020!

This year’s Independence Day will probably look very different from years past.  However, we still wish you all a very happy, socially distanced fourth of July! Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical is open on Friday July 3, and it …

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7 Appliances that Raise Your Cooling Costs

What’s easier:  keeping a gallon of ice cream cold by putting it in the freezer, or keeping a gallon of ice cream cold by putting it in the freezer and then blowing a hair dryer on it? That’s a no-brainer, …

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4 Energy Efficient Upgrades to Increase the Value of your Home

Raise your hand if watching  shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper has given you the bug for remodeling.  Even if you already love how your home looks, it only takes one episode of watching Chip and Joanna work their magic to …

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2 Ways Window Treatments Can Help You Save Money

For the most part, our dog’s favorite spot in the house is on top of our bed (we fully admit that we regret ever allowing her up there).  However, when she is not living her best life stretched out on …

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How to Stay Cool and Sleep Well on a Hot Night

It is no wonder that we have a hard time falling asleep when it is hot out.  You know those nights where the air is thick and no matter which way you flip, you just can’t seem to get comfortable?  …

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How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for a Heat Wave

Are you someone that looks at the the 10-day forecast and groans or cheers when you see hot weather on the horizon?  Whether you love it or hate it, heat waves are no joke.  The NOAA describes heat waves as …

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Should I Use A Ceiling Fan with my Air Conditioner?

Some things in life are “either or.”  Some things just are mutually exclusive.  For example: right or left, and heads vs. tails.  But, some things are not mutually exclusive–even if we think they might be.  We are talking about ceiling …

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5 Reasons Temperatures are Fluctuating throughout your Home

In our home we deal with a problem that is probably all to familiar to many of you–the temperatures fluctuate depending on which room we are in.  During the summer months, in order for our second floor to feel moderately …

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What Foods Can Help You Cool Down?

Without even realizing it, many of us change our diets seasonally.  Winter meals usually consist of warm soups and stews and potato filled heavy dishes that make you feel full and cozy.  In the summer we tend to gravitate toward …

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