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How to Save Energy and Still Have a Fun Halloween

Orange and black are traditionally the colors of Halloween, but we would like to argue that green deserves its place with the holiday too.  Not just the green of a witch’s face, but the green of energy efficiency.  Going big for Halloween is a growing trend.  No longer is it just a candy filled night for kids, it is a holiday for all ages.  In fact, it is estimated that in 2019 Americans will spend almost $9 billion on Halloween.

From costumes to decorations, to parties to candy, getting your trick-or-treat on can be an expensive endeavor.  We are here to tell you that it doesn’t necessarily have to be.  You can save energy, resources, and money while still enjoying yourself on All Hallow’s Eve.

How to Save Energy and Still Have a Fun Halloween

Solar Lights

Light up your home’s pathway for trick or treaters using solar lights.  These lights charge during the day and shine in the evening with no cost (or effort) to you.

LED Lights

If you usually string up some lights outside, try LED lights this year.

flameless Candles

Real candles in jack-o-lanterns, while energy efficient, can be a little risky to have around the excited feet of kids in costumes and masks.  Instead, use battery powered flameless candles for the same look and to save energy.

Turn down the Heat

Live in a crowded neighborhood filled with trick or treaters?  Turn down the heat a few degrees so all of that door opening and closing doesn’t waste too much heat and energy.

DIY the Costume

Make a costume from items you have around the house. There’s always the classic sheet with holes for a ghost, but you can be more creative than that!

Re-use Decorations

Don’t re-invent the wheel by purchasing new Halloween decorations each year.  Re-use or repurpose what you already have.  Did mice or moths get to your scarecrow over the past year?  Even better–it looks like a spooky scarecrow now!

Stay Local

Trick or treat in your own neighborhood, or check out local Halloween events such as trunk-or-treats instead of driving far away.

Skip the Paper Plates

When hosting a Halloween party it is so tempting to just use paper plates and plastic utensils.  Waste waste waste.  Instead, use your real dishes and make sure to run a full dishwasher load once they get dirty.

Have any other ideas?  Let us know!  Happy Halloween!

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