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4 Ways to Save Energy (and money) this Halloween

This time of year is so festive! And not just because we have seen various holiday displays in stores since August. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas one after another, each month holds something special. The problem with all of this festivity is that it can end up costing A LOT of money. Between Halloween costumes, candy, pies, decorations, Christmas presents, etc., it feels like all you are doing is spending. Not to mention all the extra energy you use to heat your home, use outdoor lights, and host gatherings.

The good news is that energy savings equals money savings, and we are all about both. So, with Halloween right around the corner, here are four ways to save energy (and money) this Halloween.

  1. Be aware of the door: We all know that keeping doors open wastes energy as it allows your home’s heat to escape. This can become a problem on Halloween as you constantly open the door for trick-or-treaters. Though it would be easier to keep it open, especially as the trick-or-treaters keep coming, try your best to keep it closed as much as possible. And make sure you don’t have any other open doors or windows in your home.
  2. Turn the heat down: Remember that pesky door we were talking about? To prevent losing even more energy on Halloween, turn the heat down. It may be tempting to turn it up because of the cold air as you open and close the door, but the less your home is heated, the less energy will be wasted. Put on a sweatshirt, or a warm costume, over your clothes!
  3. Reuse decorations: The great thing about Halloween decorations is that they are supposed to look kind of gross and scary. Did you find an old moth-eaten scarecrow in your basement? Perfect! Don’t spend money and waste resources and energy purchasing new decorations.
  4. Use LED lights or candles: We know you want your home to look a little festive to entice trick-or-treaters, but if you are going to put up lights, make sure they are LED. According to, “The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies.” You can also try using flameless candles in jack-o-lantern or real candles- as long as they are out of reach of children and are not a potential danger.

These are just a few ways to save energy (and money) this Halloween. Other ways to save money this Halloween include looking at thrift stores for Halloween costumes and buying your candy on sale. For more information about saving energy this fall, contact FLAME!

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